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January 6, 2018

Lavender Dreaming.

Compared to the rest of North America and even parts of Europe, we're doing pretty good here, weather wise. Above normal temperatures are still in place. It even rained this morning! And our little bit of snow we did have has begun to melt. Next week, we'll go back to more Wintry weather but for now, we're enjoying what we can. 

I'm reading blog after blog and seeing all the pictures and videos of the snow, the wind, the flooding and the freezing temps, so I'm sending out heartfelt wishes for a quick end and a safe return to a more normal weather pattern for where ever you live. Soon, very soon, this will be over.

In all of this, I'm keeping my self positive by thinking about our Spring gardening plans. Spring here can start as early as March, so we're no far off. But we do tend to not plant new seeds/bulbs/flowers/veggies until May as the ground can still be frozen until then. I found an amazing gardening journal at the charity shop one day last year. Now I'll start using it to plan out our 2018 gardens ~ both plants as well as our first real veggie patch. Exciting times ahead as we figure this out.

I have always loved the smell and look of lavender. But was told a few times that growing it here in our climate was not possible. However, a few years ago, we were at the greenhouse picking up some potting plants for our other house and we turned the corner and almost tipped over all the lavender pots. This was the year they changed our Zone from 3 to a solid 4, sometimes 4a/4b. Now that we are warmer, lavender will thrive here. So I started growing it that year, with great success so far. This year, we'll be planting an abundant supply and one of the best reasons is that deer do not like the taste nor the feeling of lavender. Great news as we do have deer in our area all the time, even moos. I'm planning out which kinds to plant and where. I learned how to dry it and use it in recipes and for things like bath salts. So very excited to have my own lavender garden for scent and use.

Do you have gardening plans in your mind?
What's your favorite plant or flower to grow?

January 3, 2018

JPC #2: Goals.

The second day of the January Photo Challenge would have been yesterday but it's the holidays, so yeah, I'm a day behind! I'm not on a schedule right now. Next week. But here is my post, a bit late but in my books, on time. 

I tend to not do "resolutions" but I do like to set goals. When I was a kid and becoming more aware of the world around me, I do recall the stress that seemed to go in to ringing out the New Year and creating some lofty promises as the New Year arrived. My mom would make big plans and not always achieve them, which would make her add them to next years list. And then the following year. And on and on and on. I remember thinking at the tender age of 10 years old that maybe that wasn't very productive or inspiring. So from a young age, I've not chimed in on New Year's Resolutions. Instead I choose goals and it was one of the reasons I've gotten excited about this particular photo challenge I've joined.

My goals for 2018? I've kept them simple and achievable. That doesn't mean I'll be totally successful. But I'll be giving each of these a great try through the year:

* learning to let go of any negativity that comes my way but doesn't truly need any of my attention.

* work on my blog and my unpublished book ~ no deadlines, no number of words or chapters. Just "work on".

* work on my art in the studio ~ again no deadlines or commitments. Just a simple "work on" so it's fun.

* cultivate a new friendship and create our new community tribe. To be honest, we've both been so busy building our life, our relationship, our home, our community projects and our careers that we've not been so great on our social life. Now is our chance to re~define what that looks like for 2018. I'm so excited about this one.

There it is, in writing and without any promises, just simple ideas that I can work on and re~evaluate in time to see if what I hoped for did work out. Much less stressful and that is the biggest thing for 2018. Live what I teach and preach. I'm truly done with 2017 and so looking forward to see what 2018 will bring our way, knowing that there will be moments of anxiety and dismay. That is what life is, isn't it? Good times, difficulties, great experiences, relationship woes, prosperity, money concerns, achievements, set backs. How we deal with each of these is the accomplishments we should concentrate on ~ the grace to fall, the ability to weep, the energy to change, the willingness to ask for help. Life is one big learning curve ..... embrace it and give it your all. Namaste.

Do you have resolutions or goals to share?
How do you welcome the New Year?

January Challenge.

I've done a couple of Photo Challenges now and have enjoyed them enough to try out another one, this one, for January 2018. This is a month that I typically am not fond of. After a long break from work, I head back in next week and it's hard to leave our cozy home in the dead of Winter. And January is dark. Just not my month. But I make the best of it by planning projects well before Christmas so I have things to look forward too. I may share that list on another blog post. For today, here is the challenge and I'll start by saying I'm "sharing the list" and can cross Day 1 off my list! My next post will be Day 2 and I hope you'll enjoy reading what I have to share about my New Year Goals. Hoping that 2018 is a great year.

January 1, 2018

New Year Wishes.

From our little family, in the little
house in the big woods, to you and yours.

December 31, 2017

The Adventure.

Of course, this time of year and in particular on this cold, Winter's night, we all look back at the year now behind us and begin to plan or make resolutions for the year ahead of us. I've been trying to figure out what to write and as always, I can't write an amazing poetic piece like so many bloggers. I can only and will always only speak from the heart. Was 2017 a spectacular year? No, it had many special moments and it had some incredibly difficult times too. It was hard with all the political turmoil not just in the U.S. but around the world in general. It was hard with my one employment contract and though we're now on the other side, there are still pieces that creep forward and bring me back. I hope we never have a year like this one was for our Centre! The good included working on our landscaping, writing more in my book, program development and renewed and new friendships. Working on the house and discovering how much we truly love country life in our little cottage was inspiring. Celebrating a birthday with ALL my children. And this special Christmas. I wish to each of you a beautiful New Year and all the best for a Happy and Healthy 2018.

My Favorites ....

.... includes two very special gifts and this
sweet card to my dh. I'll have to take pics
of the beautiful and unexpected diamond
ring, the made just for me dreamcatcher
necklace and the card he gave to me. All
so well thought out and bought with love.

A Few Gifts.

Sharing a few of my gifts from our
Christmas morning. Not all, just some.

Tea from my favorite Lavender Farm
out on Salt Spring Island ~ scrumptious.

The Vintage Sweets written by Angel Adore
from "Escape to the Chateau" tv show. This
is my second book ~ the first I bought at a
charity shop not even knowing who she is.

A set of glass jars for storing our
leftovers and taking lunch to work.

My first power tool ~ all mine! To
sand down furniture that needs TLC.

A re~usable bag for my new set of
cake decorating tips and tools.

The Big Book of a Miniature House
from my dh who is supportive of my
desire to learn how to build and restore
new and old dollhouses ~ he's sweet.

My dear grandson wanted me to have this
book. It is an amazing gift to cherish.

A fun gift for my first tattoo .... ironically,
Santa also brought each of my kids and
dh the same gift. We bought them on the
same day, not knowing each other had
been there and even the tattoo shop has
had a great laugh about our gift giving.

Christmas Morning.


Before we opened up gifts on Christmas
Morning, we ate a breakfast of waffles, 
cheesy eggs and bacon. And mimosa's.
It's just not the same if we don't have
mimosa's. Then around 11:30, we sat
down with our fireplace on, warm and
soft blankets surrounding us, and Santa
donned his cap to hand out gifts. So much
fun as we watched each person open
their next gift. Took forever but we're
"slow" Christmas Morning family. I'm
thankful we still do this so many years on.