About Me

December 1, 2016

My First Christmas Card Swap.

I love any opportunity to meet new people. Although I consider myself quite shy, I think I also have a little part of me that is social and would like to increase that. My blog is a great way to communicate in a comfortable manner, without putting myself too far out there. I have several pen pals that we share letters from across the sea. And friends here in town and across the country. 

Recently I submitted my name to participate in a Christmas Card Swap for 2016 that was started by Amy from Love Made My Home. Tonight I was contacted by my "partner". Excited to send a card to her and receive on in exchange. A new member of my little circle! With her permission, I may post our links and our cards once the swap is completed. Looking forward to the mail now.

Have you ever participated in a swap of any kind?
Would you like to participate if we created another one?

November 30, 2016

My Inspiration.

When I was young, the tv series "Little House on the Prairie" was launched on Sunday nights. I loved the show and couldn't wait for the next episode. Reading the books prior to the show, and then again during the run, this was always one of my favorites. You may wonder  if the name of my blog had any  relation to the books and the tv series and my response is Yes! The fact that we got to finally live out our dream of living in "our little house in the big woods" was the background inspiration to my title. Shopping the other day at Costco, I spotted these DVD's in the cute little house box. Not on my wish list but I couldn't resist taking a pic. We have so many series that we've acquired over the years and now with things like Netflix, buying DVD's isn't on the radar. But this little house box was cute and I couldn't resist taking it.

Were you a fan of the Little House books and show?
Do you have a favorite series from your childhood?


Last week, my friends and I spent time choosing
and wrapping gifts for families who would not
otherwise have Christmas if it wasn't for the
generosity of our community. These are the gifts
my partner and I wrapped together for one family
that consisted of a single mom and three kids. It
was so much fun choosing gifts for each of them.
I truly hope that we chose items that they will truly
enjoy. It was a small time for us but we each
were touched in different ways by this very
humbling experience. Next year, I'd like to be
able to deliver the gifts too but will need to figure
out first how to do that without crying upon
meeting the recipients. So very, very humbling.

Birthday Dinner.

Celebrating birthdays at this stage in
my life is not as exciting as when I
was a child. But I've learnt in the last
few years that it can still be a great day.

After a couple of harsh work days, it
was a lighter load today, with the end
of the day spent teaching a class at
the University. I love teaching adults
about life experiences, like grief and
loss. They eat up every word. So
empowering! And they always give
us the very loveliest gifts at the end.

Picked up our grand baby from school and
came home to find treats for dinner. A yummy
asian stir fry with my favorite cool drink, with
extra, extra lemonade, thank you very much!

Then it was time for cake. A scrumptious and light
whipped cake with chocolate covered strawberries.

Oooh, so good! My dh carefully picked the
strawberries off the cake so I could indulge
in these sweets. Guess what? I didn't share
either!! Only on this day, the day of my
birth, do I ever allow myself to be selfish.

It was a great day. I received so many FB
birthday wishes that I'm having a hard
time keeping up in thanking each poster.
Texts from special friends and family. And
some lovely calls, including a surprise
one from our Mayor. Had a great chat
with her and loved what she shared with
me ~ that's a story for another day. We
learned some much needed funding came
through for my centre, another fundraiser
yesterday netted more funds than we
had hoped for and new granting streams
that we thought had dried up years ago.
Much lighter and brighter day today.
This getting older is not so bad!! I
could live these special days more often.

Where is the Sun?

We've had weeks of fog and overcast
skies. Some rain, very little snow.

It's so gloomy. Not quite festive enough
to be Christmasy. Not quite Fall any more.

A bright spot this afternoon. We finished
our little gravel path to the front door. The
recycled tire Celtic designed stepping
stones are covered in the tiny bit of snow
we received over night. Love our little wavy
path. And now with the solar lights, there
is some brightness in these dark, foggy days.
Thankfully, it's supposed to be hot tomorrow!

November 29, 2016

Deal of the Day.

I love a good deal and today, found this sweet
chocolate bar at the grocery store. Originally it
was a $2 bar but today, on sale for a tiny .40 cents.
Clearing out the last bits of Halloween. Yum!

November 28, 2016

Tea Break.

I'm so lucky to have an extremely flexible
work schedule. After being home with our
children for more than 20 years, working a
9 to 5 schedule in one spot would have truly
driven me crazy! Thankfully, I was able to
negotiate both my contracts to suit our
family's lifestyle and for my own sanity. I
can work at our hospice, our centre, at home
or on the road, like in the cafe above. It 
gives me a lot of freedom to truly create our
programs and be present to my families. At
each location, a tea break is always in order.

My favorite tea is Chai but I'm starting to really
like Chamomile for the relaxing effect it has
on me. After a very stressful Summer, it was
a real tool for me each day. And so tasty too.

Do you have a flexible work schedule?
Do you have a favorite flavor of tea?

November 25, 2016

Simple Apple Pie.

 My lovey wanted desert the other night.
The only thing that we had that was sweet
was a bag of fresh, crips apples. So I dug
around in our pantry and came up with a pie.

Not just any pie of course. But pie just
like my gramma used to create for us.

Simple ingredients: pie crusts (yup!), brown
sugar, flour, butter, cinnamon and apples.

These Granny Smith apples were so tart so
I added in a couple of Mac's to even it out.

Found this apple corer at our charity shop for just $2. 
It was still in the box and is from Lee Valley!

Pie crust from our freezer. Not made by
me but we won't tell anyone, will we?!

Rolling out the dough to make the lattice top.
My first attempt and it worked out nicely.

Few extra pieces of dough ~ nice little flowers
to add some pizzaz to my little sweet pie.

In the oven, ready to bake. The aroma was amazing.
And my lovey was very impressed with my creativity.