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March 11, 2018

Growth Spurt.

Our little guy is almost 7.5 and despite his skinny legs and arms, he is growing so fast. This pj's were new in the Fall and now look at how much he's grown out of them! The kid doesn't stop eating and yet never seems to gain a pound, he just shoots up and out. I'm sure in time he'll fill out but for now, he's skinny but tall and nothing fits. So proud of who he is becoming. He's got a big personality and an even bigger heart. Couldn't ask for any better.

Day of Melting.


The sun is out again today, warming the snow covered Earth around us. The drip, drip, drip from the rooftops has begun and I'm sure any moment now our sump pump will drain the tank out to the woods. Unfortunately, then it freezes as night and we're left with a small skating rink on the path to our front door. We are currently working through how to fix this so we don't end up with any long lasting effects or damage. One idea I have is to expand the area where we've put an extended pipe from the sump pump drain out to the treed area beyond our driveway. It pools right now, so we may have to widen it. My other idea is to also add in a little bridge so that the path from the house and then the driveway will have a way to get over the water that sits. Here's a picture of  the bridge .... 

Wouldn't that look sweet over the water? Just thinking about it but I like the look of it. We do have our white arbor and picket fence going in this year so we'll have to measure to see if this would fit and how we feel about the black against a landscape with white fencing. Looking at other ideas as well. I wish we could have had a say about where the various systems in our house would be installed so we could all agree on what the exterior would look like with items that need to discharge or have a purpose but could be hidden. Next house for sure, now that we know! So much to learn when building new.

Are you getting Spring weather today?
If you've had snow, is it busy melting away?

Making a Change.

One day, in the future, we'd like to build
another new house. We love the house
we're now in but there are things I think
could have been done better with thought.

For example, why, why, why do builders
put these controls for our heat and air in
the middle of a wall? Why not in the
corner of a wall. Or hidden behind one?

It looks so ugly in my opinion. Nice art
work should hang here, not controls and
devices. Ok, I've gotten that out of my
system. Now, to change it. Stay tuned.

Do you have ugly controls on your wall?
What would you do to change it all up?

Mothering Sunday.

Today in the U.K. and other parts of Europe, Mothers are being honored and celebrated with "Mothering Sunday" which is similar to our "Mother's Day" here in Canada. A day to shower mothers with love and gratitude, gifts and time. Wishing each and every one of my readers from the U.K. a day filled with family and surprise. And love.

For those mothers who are mourning the loss of your baby or your child, I recognize this day is extremely difficult. There are not words that will bring back your baby/child and nothing that will heal your broken heart on this day or any day. Know that I hold you in my heart as you remember. You feel alone but know you are not alone. Hugs and love to you today. Pure love and a heartfelt hug.

If you are in the U.K., what are your plans for today?
If not, how will you celebrate Mother's Day in May?

March 4, 2018

Snowmageddon ....

Our snow, really sparse over the last decade, arrived early this year, and just seems to keep coming. We thought we were almost done and then bam! A new warning arrived on Thursday. We braced for a big storm and were thankful that it held off a bit but once it started, late on Friday, it really increased our snow volume. Our fire pit is almost completely buried, the kids little plastic house is snowed in and my precious garden shed is looking forlorn and cold. I'll have to sweep off the roof and the front porch so as it melts, it doesn't flood the inside. Poor shed!

We were thankful as well that though the snow was heavy in volume, it fell without a blizzard, without bone chilling temperatures and without a million car accidents and warnings to stay home. It was a cozy stay at home for us anyway so we were okay. Lovely and warm.

This afternoon, the sun came out and the melting from the roof began. Drip, drip all down our windows today. We shovelled and snowplowed and enjoyed the warmth of the rays. The trees cast shadows on the glittery snow ~ a favorite site for me out here. The rest of the week it will continue to warm up and by next weekend, we'll be well in to the plus side. Fingers crossed this is the last of the snow for us. Snowmageddon can just stay away now!

Is your Wintery weekend slowly turning around?
Is Spring on it's way this week in your region?

March 1, 2018

Welcome March.

And on the heels of the last few
sunny and warm days, we're now
under a huge storm warning. I'm
making our little list of what we
need, should we get snowed in.
I was so hopeful that Spring was
just coming a bit early this year. One
more snow and hopefully that's it!

February 28, 2018

Future Projects.

My little basket of vintage and new material,
ready and waiting to create future projects.

Cozy Play Corner.


We call it our Art Studio but this bonus
space in our home has several "zones
that we created to get the maximum
use of the entire square footage. One
of the bays didn't have a real purpose
until we decided to turn it in to a little
cozy play corner for our grandkids. It
is still a work in progress but this is
what we have now .... the pink wood
kitchen, a wood highchair and a lamp.
We have more toys to go here, along
with a wood table and chair set. Fun!