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August 30, 2016

Rain .... Sun.

A rain storm and then the sun peaked out
before it took time to set. I love these vistas!

Bye, Bye Summer.

How can it be the end of summer already?
Kids in our community returned to school
today. The leaves are changing. The air is
cool at night. And the sun is setting earlier
every day. Why?? We haven't gotten our
grass in yet. Or finished staining our deck.
Can we please have it back? Just enough
time to finish up the last little bits. Please?

The August Break #30: Evening Light.

We've finally had some hot days and
one night, we had left the blinds down
in the music room. I loved how the trees
reflected against the evening light. Peaceful.

The August Break #29: Favorite Mug.

I love this mug right now. It's the perfect
size for a good "cuppa" and lovely too
when a cold drink is needed. The colors
make me smile. And the price was right!

The August Break #28: I am ....

.... wishing I had time to paint right now. 
Life is far too busy for my creativity!

The August Break #27: Little.

I have several "art" authors that I love.
My new collection is from Becky Kelly.

Most of her books are the size of the larger
book above. But last week, in the mail,
this tiny book landed in my lap. Love it
to pieces as anything little is a favorite.

August 27, 2016

The August Break #26: Oranges.

This is definitely not a favorite color for me so I
had a bit of a challenge trying to find something for
this prompt of oranges. I didn't even have any
fruit oranges in the house to snap! But then I came
across this pic of the sweet carrots we brought
home from a trek to the Farmer's Market. They
were incredibly delicious and now I want more!

The August Break #25: Peaceful.

A favorite spot to sit in the late afternoon.
Sun streams through the trees, the breeze
is light and all around, the landscape is
silent. A very peaceful and content spot.