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October 21, 2016


Last month, we started Vitamin B12 shots
for my daughters and myself to increase
our daily energy. Each of us was depleted,
not an uncommon thing here in the North.
Dh "chickened out" of said shot but this
month, he jumped right in after we were
each amazed how much energy each of
us felt for an entire 28 days. Day 29, it
all went downhill and out came the shots
again. We'll see how well he does and if
it make a difference for him. He's a healthy
guy but busy and starting to feel the effects.

Our dear grandson has decided this is one
of his favorite days ~ he gets to put the tiny
bandaids on each of us. We really don't need
 them as there is no blood to catch, but he insists. 

Do you supplement your current 
health with extra Vitamins?

A Week Ago ....

.... and our world was blanketed in white! A
storm that was predicated actually happened
and literally shut down everything until the
next morning. We came home just after lunch.

Here's our little cottage in the woods, buried
behind the trees and deep within the snow.

A deer came out, just after dinner, to look
for his own meal, now covered all up.

Wondering if he should venture into the
woods or continue to pluck from our yard.

Spotting us peeking out the windows.
We whisper when we see our deer!

Looking around at the hushed noises
from our house .... so close to us this time.

And finally, trekking back to the forest
to meet up with his little family. Nice visit.

Halloween Kitty.

We've had Kylo for just over a week now
and his mama broke down and bought this:

His first clothing item, just in time for next
week's Halloween events that will take place.

Before the Snow.

Found this on my phone today when I
was searching for another picture. It was 
just a few days before our snow, which
is all gone now, fell. A warm and sunny 
day. Today, we're right back to this 
place and I'm excited we're getting a
nice reprieve from Winter, especially
considering it's still Fall. Definitely a
"t~shirt and sit out on the front veranda" 
kind of day. More to come over the
week. Thankful for this gift. Maybe,
just maybe, that was our only snow ....

How's the weather for you on this
very beautiful Friday afternoon?

October 19, 2016

Kylo the Kitty.

Meet the newest member of our family ....
sweet baby Kylo, age 8 weeks old.

Our grandson's kitty, he does spend some time 
each day upstairs with us, keeping us laughing.

He's very curious and so full of energy.
Even inanimate objects are intriguing to him.

Kylo is cute, adventurous, full of purrs and
big on affection. And trouble .... he loves it!

But after a bit of playtime with grandpa,
he always comes back to have a nap beside
me. He knows who the playful one is and
who he can trust for a good rest afterwards.

No Vote Here.

I was raised in a home and within a community where politics are taken quite seriously. From an early age, I knew it was my right, my privilege and my obligation to vote. Over the years, with each election, I debate the pros and cons of the candidates and vote according to their platform and my own beliefs. Our system here in Canada is pretty straight forward and we are fortunate to not have a really long election process. We've always followed the American elections and I personally loved the Obamas in the White House. This new journey our neighbors in the south are on though has really got me concerned for all. Fearfully worried. 

It's quite a helpless feeling to watch something so confusing unfold and there is nothing we can do or say to make it work out nicely. And yet, we will all be so impacted by the decisions made on November 8th. I know that if I was having to cast a ballot, either candidate is not who I would want to vote for. One in particular is a huge worry. His comments and aggressive behavior are puzzling and it's not clear to me why anyone would consider him to become the leader of a prominent country. She has her own faults, as we all do, but I think at least her experience of being a former President's wife does give her some lead over someone who has not held office prior to this pivotal time in the political landscape. Neither is great, neither is perfect, neither is ideal, neither is completely worthy. And yet, they are the two choices. 

We will watch with great interest on the 8th and hope that the right decision will be made. Thinking of all those who have to make this difficult choice. 


October 18, 2016

Another Teapot Cake.

I couldn't resist! Even more elaborate
than the first cake.  Wish I could bake ....

Isn't it sweet?

I'm doing a little search on the 'net tonight
to see if I can find a pattern for this sweet
little shirt. I love flowy and feminine and
this fits the bill perfectly. Off to search ....